Documentation that is frequently updated lends well to loose-leaf printing. Printing only the revised section is more economical and sustainable. Leaving a book in loose-leaf format offers flexibility to reorganize the book, or pull-out the section you are currently working on. Loose-leaf in sets is popular for business forms. Shrink-wrapping in convenient, easy-to-handle packs provides protection and the packs are much easier to store and distribute.

Want to see and feel the quality, stocks, and finishes before making your final choice?  Click here to order our Paper Sample User Guide.

Based on the selection of product size and additional option attributes, you can view and download the help template for the product.

Spine Calculator

Locate your inside page stock on the table below and multiply your page count by the fraction listed.

Paper Stock
Multiply Page Count By
50# Text – Uncoated
60# Text – Uncoated
80# Text – Uncoated
50# Text – Matte Coated
60# Text – Matte Coated
80# Text – Matte Coated

Add a space of this width between the front and back covers in your cover file.

Pages vs. Sheets
A single sheet of paper has 2 sides, a front and a back side. A sheet folded in half gives you 4 numbered pages.

Counting Pages
To determine the number of pages, count every sheet side (each sheet has 2 sides) and all blank pages.

Your page count must be divisible by 2 for coil and perfect bound books and by 4 for saddle stitch products. If you file is not divisible by the appropriate number, blank pages will be added. We encourage you to add the blank(s) to your file to ensure placement is to your liking. 

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